Health Care Compliance Based in Delmar, New York

Make sure you have adequate representation for past, present, and future health care compliance issues by contacting Jack J. Pivar - Attorney at Law of Delmar, New York. We offer legal services for diverse medical compliance issues for people nationwide. Contact us to make an appointment today.

Representation in RAC, CERT, & Payer Audits

Jack J. Pivar - Attorney at Law handles hearings on medical necessity, Medicare eligibility, Medicaid eligibility, post-payment audits, and pre-payment review. We represent people under investigation for fraud, design compliance programs, and do health care compliance investigations ourselves.

Compliance Program Design & Review

Program design takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few years depending on the size of your company. We start by examining the area of investigation and all documentation. Then, we interview individuals and contact investigation authorities to start working things out.

Attorney, Health Care Compliance in Delmar, NY

Our team has decades of experience representing major health care organizations and knows how to design programs that work for you. We draft and obtain approval for codes of conduct; identify a compliance officer, whether you have someone in mind or need someone new; and put your program to work. Smaller companies need just one officer; larger companies need at least two or three. We come back periodically to update audits.

Administrative Law Judge Services

Jack J. Pivar - Attorney at Law also has extensive experience carrying out ALJ, or administrative law judge, services for Medicare and Medicaid issues. This is the next to last stage in the administrative review of health care claims. When you are denied through a series of appeals, the ALJ is where you really start to look for
legal representation.

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